Here is our menu of food for casual events. The food comes served in bite-sized pieces and small plated portions – all suitable to be hand held for eating at standing events. Mix and match to create your own menu or have us suggest a selection for you. Please note there is a minimum order of 20 pieces per item.



Mini asparagus and bacon 12

Chicken, preserved lemon, roasted red capsicum 12

Prawn, lemon myrtle, chili and black sesame 12

Mini Parma ham and rockmelon (cantaloupe)12

CROSTINI (crisped bread base brushed with olive oil and garlic)

Smoked salmon, crème fraîche, lemon& cracked peppercorn 12

Hummus, salad and pomegranate molasses 12

Goat’s cheese, roast capsicum, roast eggplant 12

Roast beef, horseradish and watercress crostini 15

Ricotta and sage jam crostini 15


Spinach, blue cheese, roast capsicum 12

Mini mixed fragrant mushroom quiche 12

Mini goat’s cheese, mini roast tomato quiche 12

Mini asparagus, roast capsicum quiche 12

Mini classic Lorraine quiche 12

Mini smoked salmon & dill quiche 12


Thai beef salad with chilli and coriander filo basket 17

Filo roll: Minted feta, pine nut filo roll 12

Roasted tomato, caramelized onion, feta cheese and pesto tart 15

Parmesan, rosemary, quail eggs, caviar, crème fraîche & dill tart 12

Roasted tomato, goat’s cheese & Kalamata olive mini pizza 12

Italian filo sausage rolls 12

Mini beef hamburgers (sliders) 16

Vietnamese-style spring rolls 14

Quinoa and sweet potato pancakes with tzatziki 12

Warm corn, cheddar cheese & zucchini bread 14


Tzatziki & caviar on cucumber 10

Chicory leaves stuffed with goat’s cheese, marinated figs and pecans 12

Roast fragrant mushrooms stuffed with bulgur, olives, almonds & raisins 12

Italian arancini balls with bacon and mozzarella 12

Thyme bread topped with red pepper and cream cheese 15



Boeuf bourguignon 27

Mini lasagne 20


Lamb biryani with cashews 20

Lamb Cutlets with preserved lemon and rosemary(each) 20


Marinated fresh salmon kebab, with lemon and Chinese seasoning 27

Fresh salmon puff pastry parcels (salmon encroute) 27


Chicken Kebabs with preserved lemon and capsicum 12

Barbecue chicken wings (each) 8

Baked chicken breasts stuffed with quinoa, Parmesan and sage 45


Mini spinach cannelloni 12

Frittata squares: goat’s cheese, roast red capsicum, seasonal vegetables 32

Vegetable tagine 12

Stuffed red capsicum with couscous and mushrooms 26


Green leaves, avocado, pomelo, orange, hazelnut 15

Tabouleh with cucumber, mini tomato, herbs 12

Couscous with roast vegetable salad of eggplant, capsicum, zucchini 18

Quinoa, Parma ham, rocket, mozzarella, seasonal fruit, green beans, herbs 24

Shredded chicken, rice noodles, orange, coriander 20

Classic Greek salad 18

Rocket, pine nut, Parmesan cheese salad 18

Parma ham potato salad 20

Egg, tuna & salad greens 20


Black pepper beef & salad sandwich 30

Salmon & cucumber sandwich 30

Goat’s cheese & roast vegetable sandwich 28

Cheese & ham sandwich 30

Tuna, capsicum, onion & egg sandwich 30


Chocolate indulgence pudding with seasonal fruit 10

Chocolate hazelnut brownie 12

Mini Middle Eastern orange almond cake 12

Mini hazelnut cake 12

Mini pistachio and carrot cakes 12

Fresh fruit cupcakes 15

Strawberry and cream puffs 16

Lemon meringue tart 12

Raspberry frangipane tart 12

Blueberry frangipane tart 12

Pear frangipane tart in a chocolate crust 12

Kumquat crème tart 12

Fresh fruit skewers 12

Mango mousse 17

Chocolate and five spice mousse 17

Passion fruit panna cotta 18

Mini pavlova 12

Orange and cardamom crème brulée 15

Poppy seed baked cheesecake 12

Chocolate baked cheesecake with sea salt 12

Passion fruit baked cheesecake 15

Chocolate hazelnut meringue 17

Raspberry, almond, cornmeal & cream cheese cake 18

Tiramisu 18

Cookies (500g) 100